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Secluded in the heart of Junsele, Enveloped by the calm serenity of the snow-dressed birch forest, Under the watchful gaze of the vast wilderness, A masterpiece is revealed. Introducing the Seasons by Junsele Wilderness.


Inspired by the natural five elements, Junsele’s Seasons embraces intelligent and responsible design, emotional connection and a new vision for personalized experience. Ultimately culminating in an indelible escape for the discerning worldly and sophisticated.

Junsele’s Season stands in a forest, silent and still, in harmony with seasons and nature. The building’s form and powerful details transcends it, responding to and participating in the surroundings, beyond merely offering views. It is a place that unifies indoors and outdoors, utilizing warm natural materials that both endure and mature over time.



Globally renowned for abundance of light, champagne power snow, thermal osens, natural season beauty, cultural values, and culinary traditions, Junsele imparts a perennial magnetism. Expressed in its purest, most refined form, at Junsele Seasons, attracting naturally those who seek to embrace its allure.


Two sensitive design structure – optimizing panoramic vistas and introducing abundant natural light. Exhibiting a uniform spaciousness throughout via an intelligently engineered structure allowing for high ceiling and uninterrupted views.

Constructed from the finest materials, all meticulously sourced and tailored to personal preference – the subtle interplay of perceived and physical elements such as lights, shades and texture creates an enriching daily lived experience both externally and internally. Finishes crafted by local artisans imparts warmth, harmony and authenticity.

Junsele SEASONS comprises of 3 Villas adjacent to 120 refined rooms. An iconic culinary offerings, all enveloping signature ski concierge and stunning lounge spaces; inside and out. And a home to a curated collection of rare and important art and sculpture on constant rotation.


One of the world’s most talked about travel destination, Junsele tourist demand has seen to be soaring. As the result, access and international connectivity into Junsele continues to proliferate at pace. Domestic major infrastructure investment indicating clear intent from the Municipal Government to encourage wealthy domestic travel to the area.

For good reason, Above all that Junsele offers, it is its natural undulating ski terrains comprising more than 70 km of cross country skiing tracks as well as good down hill options Its consistent 15 metres of annual snowfall ensures its continued desirability.


This tradition is an ever present offering of hot beverages served with culinary tidbits of cake, pastry and chocolate. A delightful traditional Swedish way of sharing thoughts and experiences with friends and loved ones. Enjoy a Swedish Fika in one of our many cozy lounges and spa-areas.

In our interpretations we have extended the spirit of traditional Swedish Fika to incorporate our fine dining.

“FIKA” The fine dining is the jewel in Junsele SEASONS culinary offering. A home to contemporary Swedish and Asian cuisines, celebrating the flavour of Junsele and the world.

FIKA’s primary commitment is of honor to ingredients. Lokal meat, fish and greeneries features prominently on the menu. Why not enjoy SEASONS own chirashi don prepared with fish from the nearby sweet water lake? Or at the advent of spring and the melting of snow, enjoy the bounties of Junsele’s earth through sumptuous Wagyu and fresh salads.

FIKA’s design offers a highly theatrical epicurean experience under constant evolution to perpetually entertain, surprise and delight.

Fine dining, formal dining and private dining are offered to the very highest standard to all guests alike.


A dramatic and evocative bar and lounge overlooking directly into the vast wilderness as the sun sets on evening of apres ski.

Celebrating the reverend art of Swedish bartending, SEASONS Bar specializing in crafting classics with a personal touch. Its extensive ranges of fine whiskies and wines, headlines a menus of classic cocktails, mixed drinks and crisp draft beers, complimented by hand crafted glacial ice and house made mixers. Its service is inspired by iconic bars famously line up found in highly regards area of Ginza Tokyo.

Adjacent, The Lounge offers the surrounding of an effortless elegantly home. Celebrating the disappearing beauties of the tangibles, it features a library with vinyl collection and an important physical artifacts, curated to celebrate Swedish culture.


Unique to SEASONs, the deck and terraces offers outdoor space, featuring flaming fire pits and blanket-draped furniture for a European-style apres experience. A reinvigorating rendezvous in the afternoon sun and early evening, serviced by light bites and warmers from the kitchen, the deck terrace is the choice of elites.


A place of meticulous ease.
Where needs are seamlessly anticipated and surpassed. SEASONs embodies the qualities of a traditional Swedish host – where service is considered knowledgeable and unobtrusive.

The SEASONS Concierge offers the very highest levels of all-encompassing services to guests. Comprising of a team of experts, specialized across multiple disciplines from travel, culture, culinary, wellness, childcare and of course ski, the concierge team forms the nucleus of the guest experience. Year round service with a light touch: in advance, in residence and in full circle.

At its core, the Ski Concierge is housed in the lower ground of the Ski Lobby, which bring daily theatre to routine of dressing for the day. An enormous flaming fire pit provides warmth and a sense of drama to the anticipation of the first run at sunrise. On return, the unmistakable ‘cuddle’ of the warm slippers and a cashmere throw when the day is done, the evening begins.


Embodies a style international in scope, while at the same time reflecting the true natural and architectural elements of its address. Inspiration has been taken from the surrounding natural environment, local artisan and enduring Swedish traditions to ensure a timeless authentic Junsele style, combined with contemporary state of the art aesthetics. Every detail has been considered, including the use of shadows and lights to capture the epitome of Junsele tranquility and harmony.

The SEASONS Villas is 6 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, generous living, dining area with open fireplace, kitchen, a lounge, game room and a roof terrace, the first of its kind in Junsele.

The SEASONS Villas is a decadent timeless design with the utmost consideration to every detail on the inside. Spectacular views and floods of natural lights on the out.


Jock Smålänning
In Junsele, one of Europe’s foremost trick shooters, Jocke Smålänning, has built a top facility to organize shooting shows, training camps for elite shooters as well as organizing grouse hunting, moose hunting as well as other game.

Many of Europes largest industrial groups turn to Jocke Smålänning to organize hunting parties. Most of these larger events have so far had to be placed elsewhere due to the lack of first-class accommodation in Junsele. With the Junsele Wilderness Spa, these events can now be organized in Junsele.

Junsele is the only location in Sweden where they organize licensed mental tests for dogs for hunting bears. Already today more than 320 hunters come to Junsele every year to test their dogs mental qualification to go on a bear hunt.

SEASONS by JunseleWilderness ambition is to double this number as well as have them bring their family and stay for longer periods of time.


  • Junsele Djurpark with exclusive experiences for our hotel guests. Feed the white tigers, come close to our Swedish Lynx, go on a Lemur safari and much more
  • Spa with outdoor infinity pool on the hotel roof with a 360-degree view of the beutiful mountain wilderness
  • Snowmobile safari
  • Down hill skiing with ski-in from the hotel
  • 80 kilometers of prepared ski tracks for cross-country skiing
  • Dinner at the Galaxen restaurant in the middle of Betarsjön with Snowmobile ride under the starry sky over the ice
  • Dog sled safari
  • Ice fishing


  • Junsele Djurpark with exclusive experiences for our hotel guests, Feed the white tigers, come close to our Swedish Lynx, go on a Lemur safari and much more
  • Moose safari. Experience Sweden’s famous moose walk for real. See these amazing animals up close as they head for their summer pastures
  • Spa with outdoor infinity pool on the hotel roof with a 360-degree of the beutiful mountain wilderness
  • Water sports on Betarsjön – Water skiing, Paddleboard, Kayak and canoe safari
  • Mountain bike – safari in the forest around the hotel
  • Mountain bike – downhill on the ski slopes
  • Dog sled safari on wheels
  • Fishing – Fly fishing, trolling-fishing
  • Dinner at the Galaxen restaurant in the middle of Betarsjön with return home on our hotel raft under the midnight sun
  • Easy or more advanced walks and hiking Safari with or without a guide

Village of Junsele

In the pristine Scandinavian wilderness the small picturesque village Junsele has set down its roots. Every summer more than 30.000 tourists take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that Junsele has to offer


Unique wilderness

The main attraction is the unique Wildlife park. Taking great care, respecting the natural environment, they have interspersed the habitats of an eclectic mix of local wildlife with wildlife from all the five continents around beautiful 1800-century wooden buildings. On October 1 Junsele Wildlife Park are proud to offer a Luxury Wilderness Experience filled with unique animal encounters as well as exhilarating and culinary adventures.

Junsele Wilderness The Movie

For inquiries bookings of your personal wilderness experience contact us at:

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We request a 30% non refundable deposit at time of booking of the total room rate. The remaining 70% is due 45 days prior to arrival and is also non refundable. All incidentals are to be paid upon check out. Should there be a need to cancel, we would opt for changing the dates of your reservations to a future season as we strive to making your travel dreams come true. Please contact us for further details.