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The adventure starts here

Scandinavian wilderness at your doorstep

Close encounters with some of the rarest Swedish fauna from the comfort of your luxury wilderness bungalow.

Village of Junsele

In the pristine Scandinavian wilderness the small picturesque village Junsele has set down its roots. Every summer more than 30.000 tourists take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings that Junsele has to offer.

Unique wilderness

The main attraction is the unique Wildlife park – . Taking great care, respecting the natural environment, they have interspersed the habitats of an eclectic mix of local wildlife with wildlife from all the five continents around beautiful 1800-century wooden buildings. On October 1 JunseleWildlife Park are proud to offer a Luxury Wilderness Experience filled with unique animal encounters as well as exhilarating and culinary adventures.

Moose Cabin 1 & 2

Inside the Moose habitat we have placed two luxury Wilderness bungalows. The 45 square suites offers breathtaking views of the valley and mountain range surrounding Junsele Village. The cabins are guarded by several fully grown Moose who majestically roam just outside the panoramic windows of your cabins lounge and bedroom.

Lynx Cabin

Inside the Lynx habitat we have placed the 45 square luxury Wilderness Cabin. Enjoy close encounters with these graceful, majestic hunters from the panoramic windows of the lounge or bedroom. Follow the wildcats movements through the discreetly hidden surveillance cameras on your phone, Ipad or on the 50 inch television in your bungalow when they are not looking in on you through the panoramic windows.

Junsele Wilderness The Movie

Take a 3d tour inside the bungalow

Take tour outside the bungalow

    Watching these beautiful animals from the privacy of your own Wilderness bungalow gives you a unique insight in their secret life that has never been offered before.


    Weekend experience 2 persons.

    • Transfer from Kramfors to Junsele Resort in private limousine.
    • Welcome drink and whilst you enjoyg the comforts of our wilderness spa your luggage is installed in your bungalow.
    • Enjoy Scandinavian Steam Sauna, Outside Wooden heated hot tubs and a relaxing massage in a unique 1800 century environment. From the spa-area you can see how our chefs prepare a late-night dinner with Swedish specialties.
    • You are invited to a dinner composed by our master chef using local produce and delicacies. Round off the evening with a cocktail of your choice in front of an open fire.
    • A full breakfast of your choice is brought to your bungalow. Expresso, Café au lait. Croissants, bacon and eggs, or why not try our local bread with butter and honey from our local farm.
    • You personal guide takes you on an exclusive Park excursion where you are offered a enjoyable short tour of the surroundings. The excursion ends by the White Siberian Tiger habitat. Here our chief Zoologist greets you and let you help him serve the tigers breakfast
    • Lunch is served at the Beautiful Kvarnå Trädgård where you are also offered to try out the world famous Junsele red berry vinegar. Famous for its great taste and health enhancing properties. 
    • After lunch we our fishing guides offers you a quick course in ice-fishing or fly fishing and helps you to catch your own sweet water trout. 
    • Before dinner you have time to enjoy and rest in your wilderness bungalow or why not visit our spa for a relaxing hot-tub and massage. 
    • Dinner will be served at the main Lapp Cot specially designed and built in the middle of the Junsele wilderness. A dinner full of Swedish delicacies is served, Among others or master Chef will have prepared the trout that you cought earlier in the day.
    • A full breakfast of your choice is brought to your bungalow. Expresso, Café au lait. Croissants, bacon and eggs, or why not try our local bread with butter and honey from our local farm
    • The multiple world champion and world record holder in Clay pigeon shooting Jocke Smålänning gives you a short entertaining exhibition of his skills where after you are all invited to learn and try out for yourselves the challenging art of clay pigeon shooting. By snow scooter or by a exciting dog sled ride we bring you to the beautiful and unique riverboat Galaxen anchored in the middle of Swedens second biggest untouched sweet water lake Betarsjön. There we enjoy a generous lunch
    • After lunch we bring you back to your bungalow where you can rest and prepare for when our limousine will bring you back to the air-port in the late afternoon.

    Special offer
    1.800:- euros per person. All inclusive.

    Summer & Winter experience at Junsele Wilderness

    Lemur Close experience
    Moose Close experience
    Dog sledge race

    For inquires bookings of your personal wilderness experience contact us at:

    +46 621-102 95